Life is short.

  • Where do you want to spend your time? Who do you want to spend your time with?
  • Do you want flexibility, freedom to travel, balance out your work/life schedule?

A tiny home lends itself quite well to those looking to undertake the seemingly daunting task of downsizing.  Think about everything that you buy throughout your life. The things that get used the most are the things that are the most useful. Think of everything as a tool, and your business is your life. Whatever helps you and makes your life simpler and easier is worth having. If it’s not doing either of those things that is just draining and distracting you.

Now from an economic standpoint. Tiny homes make sense. The average home mortgage is $250,000 at 30 years. Now after taxes, repairs, improvements, etcetera, we will pay over $1,000,000 on that $250,000 mortgage.  That can be upward of half of our life’s earnings just going to paying off our home all the meanwhile trying to start a family or a career or an ongoing education or putting our dreams on hold.  The interest in tiny homes is catching and spreading throughout the nation and I think there’s a legitimate reason for that.  Everything that a tiny home represents and what goes into it as what people are craving and recognizing that it’s attainable. Not the tiny home itself. That is just something tangible that we can put our finger on but the thought behind it and what goes into the lifestyle is what people want.