Synergy is a make-or-break attribute of a functional tiny home.

Synergy can be easily observed in nature by watching a honey bee fly from flower to flower getting food from its nectar. The nectar is fertilized by pollen carried by the bee during pollination. This interaction is found in all kinds of environments from the ocean to the human body. Now picture synergy in one person or object. A quick example might be watching me run Vs. an Olympic athlete running. While my body parts might look like they’re moving in opposite directions at times, a runners body moves fluidly through each step with each part serving a purpose to further the momentum making each stride seemingly effortless.

Now let’s apply this to a tiny home where fluidity is paramount.

From the moment you step foot through your entry door and kick off your shoes and jacket, and when you head to the kitchen to make a bite. Then one might go right into the bathroom to clean up and do a load of laundry, followed by some unwinding on the couch then up to bed. All of these spatial interactions can and should transition seamlessly from one to the other.