MP Customs 

MP Customs and Tiny Homes is a family-owned business dedicated to quality construction and building high quality custom tiny homes on wheels. We are located on rte. 27 in rural Dresden Mills, Maine near the Eastern river.

We make it easy for you to simplify your life with size appropriate sustainable homes that are energy efficient, affordable, and easy to maintain.

While our tiny homes are custom designed by you, I am hands on during the whole process offering ideas and suggestions. Built for Four Season living, my tiny home will keep you cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. We offer a complete package of our tiny homes that are move-in ready.

An MP Customs and Tiny Homes can be used as a main home, camp, second home, guest Suite, office, music / Art Studio, in-law apartment, or whatever unique need you might have.

We are a small family-owned company with a low building impact on the environment. We use sustainably-sourced building materials whenever possible and our homes are energy and space efficient with minimal waste. Solar powered tiny homes are also available.

I’m always willing to think outside the box so if you have some ideas and dreams for your tiny home we can help you develop a customized plan for affordable long-term accommodations.

Personal info.

a dog a baby and a pregnant lady………

Sounds like a good country song and words that will Circle back to you in just a bit.

First things first.
While sitting in a cubicle in the middle of the winter at age 20 I had a realization. I was in a thankless unrewarding and suffocating job. there was a change that needed to happen somehow, some way. A friend of mine told me his boss at Kennebec Builders was hiring and so after a brief interview I was brought on as a carpenter’s helper. And just like that I found myself working outside in the elements of a Maine winter. The guys thought I was crazy to leave a cozy Inside Job for manual labor, but I suppose they hadn’t been chained to a desk before.

It’s often interesting to examine your life and all the events that led up to where you are now. (having kids can do that I suppose) and looking back I had no idea that I would be working for and climbing a ladder but one of the Premier Builders in Maine.

That being said the next 18 years flew by and at the end I have been running crews, and jobs (sometimes multiple) and managing sub-contractors for quite some time. I had built Custom Kitchens & homes, done restoration work, along with working off-grid on Islands and helping to build net-zero homes with Green Building practices. Not to mention some outside the box interior finishes and un conventional framing. Also working for and as a general contractor I was able to have a hands-on experience and a working knowledge of all the trades that go into building a house. Having worked hand-in-hand with all the different trades has led me to think about the next person’s project and how I can make their life easier and in effect move jobs along seamlessly. all of that experience has helped with managing deadlines and problem-solving during the construction process.

So now back to my country song.
A dog a baby and a pregnant lady. And at 37 years old this is exactly what we were when my wife Rachel and I had decided to make a fundamental change and our lives as well as our children. This would mean her walking away from a budding career and which job titles had actually been created for her, (I know right) to take on the next chapter of being a mom. And me stepping away from my job of 18 years to go out on my own.

The two of us wanted children for many years and it just never seen to be in the cards for us. When it finally happened, it was later in life than we expected and we ended up with two in just under a year. So, all that being said we feel extremely blessed and thankful to be in this position. Even more so that we are able to try to dedicate Our Lives to our children. this is why we started MP customs and tiny homes. Bottom line. I get to use my knowledge and craftsmanship that I’ve spent the last 18 years honing and put that directly towards my family’s future and well-being. Perhaps one or both of my boys might decide to pick up a hammer and join the family business one day. One never knows.

One certainty is that when you purchase an MP Customs tiny home you get a fully customized house to your liking, design, and specifications that will provide an efficient airy home that’s cozy warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Are you in need of a designer that can turn your thoughts into a reality?

Jeff Smith of Bluewater Designs has provided thoughtfully detailed home designs for over 20 years.  Jeff’s creativity, and attentiveness, coupled with his many years of direct experience in residential construction ensures your thoughts and dreams are well interpreted and brought to visualization.