So, what’s the difference between a tiny house on wheels and an RV?

An MP Customs tiny home is a real house on a trailer frame that is energy efficient and built to the international residential code standard and is suitable for Four Season living.

A recreational vehicle or RV as it’s more commonly referred to is a category for a trailer or vehicle that while livable is meant to be temporary.
Most RVs have walls that are 1 ½” to 2” thick with a plastic or aluminum exterior skin. This will only allow for an R7 to an R9 insulation Factor. Good for temporary living, Not economical for long term living.

In a typical MP customs tiny home (8’6” wide X 13’6” tall) the walls are made out of 2×4 framing, allowing for an R 18 insulation factor in the walls. And even greater R values in the floor and ceiling.
If your tiny home is staying in the state of Maine we have the licensing to move wider loads which means we have the ability to build a wider home with an 11’6” width, which would then allow for greater R values and a little more leg room.

And when it comes to figuring out how you want your tiny home to look and feel. I’ll work alongside you with my designer to get an open and Airy floor plan that feels wider and longer, with a higher ceiling than the exterior look would seem to contain.

Plenty of storage and a comfortable living space coupled with a full kitchen of Upper and Lower cabinets with full-size appliances, along with a well-thought-out and functional bath will complete your MP Customs tiny home experience and leave you with an energy efficient cozy home with your own touch.

I invite anybody interested in living in a tiny home to reach out to me and start the process with a conversation and some design work.